Please be aware that applicants will not receive their committee/country allocations until they complete the payment procedure. However, participants are reminded that payments should only be made after the participant has received his/her acceptance letter. Before making their payments, participants are required to read through the payment details and requirements provided below and additional information that the acceptance e-mail will entail.

Changes in number of participants attending with a delegation should be dealt as such:

Decreasing the size of one’s delegation more than a number of three delegates will cause the cancellation of your application. In such case, the delegation will kindly be asked to apply again; if such thing occurs, the re-submitted application will be considered in the payment period it was made, not the payment period of the initial application. The payment for the re-submitted application can only be made after the arrival of the acceptance letter.

Increasing the size of one’s delegation can be made with an additional application for the new participants. After an acceptance letter is received, the additional participants can make their payments however all payment-wise details for the additional participants will be considered in the payment period the new application was made, not the payment period of the delegation’s original application.

Non-compliance with the payment details provided in this page or the acceptance letters will result in the cancellation of the application. If such thing occurs, a delegate/delegation must apply again for re-evaluation.

Important Note: Delegations should pay their application fees in just one payment as a whole, including all the delegates and observers! Individuals of delegations should not make their payments by themselves!

While making the payment, please do not forget to add your name as an individual or a delegation leader or the person that filled the delegation application form, name of your institution if you are applying as a delegation, and the word “MUNTR 2020” onto the bank receipt. ie: “Full Name, Institution Name, MUNTR”. Any applications that do not contain said information will be disregarded. Please make sure that any electronic transactions you use provide this information to us to avoid any inconvenience. Any delegates applying from abroad, if possible, should also send a scanned copy of their receipt.

Registration fee is 1190 TRY (310 DOLLARS 280 EUROS) per applicant.

Committee directors, rapporteurs, press members and administrative staff pay a reduced fee as a result of their heavier workload. They pay a fee of 990 TRY (260 US DOLARS/ 235 EUROS).


The conference fee covers:

-Accommodation at a 5-star Hotel in Antalya, Limak Atlantis Deluxe, in a 3-person room for 5 nights.

-Free open-buffet meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

-Snacks and drinks during coffee breaks

-MUNTR stationery

-Transportation to and from the Antalya Airport in scheduled times

-Transportation to and from MUNTR social events during set times

-Certificate of participation

-Badges and placards


Payment Details for Double and Single Rooms During the Conference

A double room per night is extra 65 TRY (13 EUR or 15 USD) per participant. (both places in a double room must be paid for and occupied).

A single room per night is extra 150 TRY (31 EUR or 35 USD) per participant.

Double and single rooms are limited in number and they are assigned on a “first come first served” basis. This fee should NOT be deposited with the initial application fee.

Organization Team of MUNTR 2020 will inform the participants regarding the payment procedure of these extra charges.


Payment Details for Extra Nights
Per applicant any extra night in a triple room per night is 250 TRY (40 EUR or 45 USD).
Per applicant any extra night in a double room per night is 275 TRY (43 EUR or 47 USD).
Per applicant any extra night in a single room per night is 350 TRY (54 EUR or 60 USD).

If participants desire to stay for extra nights or in double or single rooms, this intention must be included under the Travel and Accommodation Form which will be sent upon your application. Payment of these “extras” must be made to the Organization Team of MUNTR 2020 on the first day of the Conference, as the registration procedure takes place.

Please note that the transferred application fees are not refundable. Do not pay the conference fee unless the application is approved with an acceptance letter. Make sure that any applications are thought through.

Prices in foreign currency, as a result of exchange fluctuations, will not be subject to change throughout the application period.

The Organizing Team of MUNTR 2020 holds the right to make changes on the terms and conditions of the payments processes regarding the entirety of the applications.

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