Applications are open for Model United Nations Turkey Conference 2020, which will be held between 2-6 March in Limak Atlantis Deluxe Hotel Antalya, Turkey.
Leaving No One Behind!

Esteemed participants,
My name is Hüseyin Serhat ARIKAN, and I have the honor of acting as the Secretary-General of the Model United Nations Turkey Conference 2020, which will be held between 2-6 March in Antalya, Turkey.
I want to welcome you to the MUNTR family with immense pride and joy, in the name of Director-General Berke Artan and each member of our Academic and Organization teams. This year, in its 16th edition, MUNTR is shaped around an understanding which is best uttered by its theme, ‘Leaving No One Behind’. It highlights the primary element of overall progress in the modern world and has been a guiding principle in our work since the countdown began for MUNTR 2020. Global rules are to promote that everyone has access to sustainable means of living. Individuals need to be empowered, and with participation encouraged, we can strive to overcome the challenges we face today. Indeed, there is always a silver lining. Our joint work can carry us a step further. That is why we designated nine committees that focus on different courses of action that our theme suggests.
The first committee of MUNTR 2020, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, will focus on illicit drug production and different aspects of human trafficking. Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS will be addressing various barriers that affect people and communities living with HIV and discussing the implementation of universal access to prevention, treatment, and care. Our third committee, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, will work on two agendas that the United Nations has called upon MUN conferences on a global scale to discuss. Therefore, it will be the contribution of MUNTR 2020 to the Model UN Refugee Challenge of UNHCR. Delegates in the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean will analyse deforestation in a regional scale and approach fundamental problems of the region with special focus. Having marked its critical presence for transatlantic security in its 70th year, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will try to redefine its future and assess emerging threats. Next in line, Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate and UN Office on Legal Affairs will have a joint expert meeting to scrutinize two critical issues that concern both of them necessarily. The participants of the Arab-African Summit in Riyadh 2020 will consider possible means to achieve economic integration in the Arab-African Region and work on interacting through Agenda 2063, in addition to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Defined with its innovative approaches to conflicts and post-conflict periods, United Nations Peacebuilding Commission will present its participants the opportunity of introducing unique solutions to two different but related situations that pose importance for the African continent. Lastly, to bring forward solutions for an enduring but condoned conflict, factions in Libyan Political Talks Under UNSMIL Supervision will pursue means for achieving sustainable peace while grappling with the legitimacy problem that the country has been suffering from even after the signing of Libyan Political Agreement.
MUNTR has always been the prominent driver in engaging with the contemporary agendas of the United Nations and delegating the power of making change real to youth. Its blueprint is apparent in the academic and organizational aspects of each edition, and I believe MUNTR 2020 will be no different. I am looking forward to meeting you in March.
Hüseyin Serhat Arıkan
Secretary-General of MUNTR 2020

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