Model United Nations Turkey


2-5 December 2016 ● TED University ● #UnitedbyLegacy

United Nations Security Council (also referred as “the UNSC”) was formed as one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. Charter of the United Nations designates the Security Council as the keeper of international peace and security. Therefore, the Security Council composed of 5 permanent and 10 rotating members serves for the good of the world in order to maintain ongoing peace or bring relief to areas of conflict. With that said, the Security Council functions as an international platform of crisis solving mechanism and the United Nations Charter gives actions of the Council legitimacy.

Currently, the Security Council serves as a crisis handling mechanism with a call from one of the members, when an important situation occurs. With such procedure, Security Council performs its extraordinary sessions and achieves to international crises in a timely manner. Within EuroAsiaMUN 2016, delegates will have an open agenda and therefore shall be mindful of the ongoing events all around the world in order to keep pace with the discussions.


Under Secretary-General Responsible for the Committee:
Emre İlker Karataş:

Committee Directors:
Kübra Küçük:
Emirhan Haznedar:


Rules of Parliamentary Procedure