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Unıted Natıons Hıgh Commıssıoner for Refugees

6-10 March 2017 ● Side Star Elegance Hotel ● #MUNTR2017


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was created in the follow-up of the Second World War as an international reaction to the growing number of refugees around the globe however the 66-year-old Nobel Peace Prize Winner Commission is at the peak of its international significance today. As the world experiences the highest number of displacements in recorded history, UNHCR works towards sheltering, protecting and maintaining the health’s of 16.1 million refugees under its mandate.
Thus as the High Commissioner of Refugees, Filippo Grandi, has stated “UNHCR is navigating extraordinarily difficult waters. The combination of multiple conflicts and resulting mass displacement, fresh challenges to asylum, the funding gap between humanitarian needs and resources, and growing xenophobia is very dangerous.”
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is suitable for experienced delegates. For inquiries, participants can contact the Responsible Under-Secretary-General Ms. Sude Elverdi via

Agenda Item I: Implementation of the Global Action Plan of 2015 to Fight Statelessness
Agenda Item II: Ending Protracted Displacement

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