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Permanent Court of Internatıonal Justıce

Mirada Del Mar ● March 5-9 ● #artofdiplomacy


As the first permanent international judiciary mechanism with general jurisdiction, Permanent Court of International Justice was established in 1920, in accordance with Article 14 of Covenant on the League of Nations, which called the League of Nations to formulate plans to designate an international court for peaceful settlements of international legal disputes. The Court had a dual system of function; hearing and determining disputes of an international character, and delivering advisory opinions upon any disputes and questions referred to it by the League Council or the Assembly which consists of all members of the League. Following the establishment of the Court, the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice was adopted by the League Council, and by September 1921, majority of member states had ratified the Statute, and the first election of judges took place. The Court had its inaugural sitting in January 1922 and heard its first case, an advisory opinion, in May 1922. World War II had marked the end of the Court. In 1946, with the establishment of the International Court of Justice, judges of the Court resigned, and the Court has been closed. During the thirty-three year history of the Permanent Court of International Justice, the Court had heard 29 contentious disputes and 27 advisory opinions. During its tenure, the Court had delivered vital decisions and had been a milestone for the accelerating enforcement of international law.

Permanent Court of International Justice is apt for delegates that study law.

Under-Secretary-General: Polat Yamaner (

Agenda Items:

1. Rights of Minorities in Upper Silesia (Minority Schools case) – Germany v. Poland
2. Oscar Chinn Case – Britain v. Belgium

President Judge: Övünç Güler (
Vice-President Judge: Onur Berke Okur (

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