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North Atlantıc Treaty Organızatıon

Mirada Del Mar ● March 5-9 ● #artofdiplomacy


NATO is an inter-governmental diplomatic and military alliance consisting of 29 nations in Europe and North America. Since its foundation, the Alliance has been viewed as the collective voice of the Allied powers in response to a conventional threat. However, as a result of recent power shifts in politics along with newly emerging security challenges the Alliance is involved in several different aspects of international security and diplomacy. Today, the Alliance has deployed troops across different continents and is actively taking parts in important security matters on a wide variety of topics. The delegates of this crisis committee will be challenged by the complexity of civilian decision-making mechanism on matters related to national and international security in 21st century within the spirit of solidarity of the Alliance as a single voice to respond to threats against democracy and peace.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be simulated as a crisis committee and is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General: Ercan Emre Çelik (

Academic Assistants: Hüseyin Serhat Arıkan ( & Mehmet Batuhan Çam (

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Committee Director: Berk Furkan Kocatepe (

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