Model United Nations Turkey

Welcome Letter From the Secretary-General

Mirada Del Mar ● March 5-9 ● #MUNTR2018

Dear Participants,

My name is Abdullah İkbal Arslanbaş and it is my utmost honour and pleasure as the Secretary-General to welcome you all to Model United Nations Turkey Conference 2018 which will be held between 5-9 March, in Antalya, Turkey.

Inspired by its legacy and long-standing traditions that have been built in over a decade, yet ready to make impactful changes, the academic and organization teams of the 14th edition of the MUNTR Conference have set on a journey to realize the vision of the conference which is to create a unique simulation of international relations. Empowered by the excellence of these teams, MUNTR continues to be a leading conference in Turkey and its surrounding region where participants from around the world gather to discuss a variety of issues pertaining to the global agenda.

This year, the Secretariat has chosen “Mainstreaming Human Progress” as the conference theme. Last century saw drastic improvements in the lives of billions of people from racial and gender equality to advancement of technology, yet this progress is not even within and between nations resulting in the falling behind of disadvantaged groups and cultivating a greater need to mainstream this macro progress to left-behind individuals. The ten committees and their agendas of this session have been chosen in consideration of this theme and its diverse implications.

MUNTR 2018 will host the simulation of ten different committees; from ones that are considered to be classical and foundational to those that are entirely new. General Assembly Committees DISEC and SOCHUM will be simulated so that essential global issues can be discussed by equal and broadest representation of nations. Economic and Social Council will tackle a much discussed issue, UN Reform, in line with the actual reform proposals laid out by António Guterres. International Labour Organization will comprise of representatives of governments, employers, and workers creating a platform where these principal stakeholders can share their own perspectives on global labour issues. Non-Aligned Movement, an organization of states that are not aligned with a superpower, will redefine its role in the current political context where the world is presumed to be unipolar.

Maintaining the traditional time-bridge structure where one historical and one futuristic committee is simulated every year, this year’s session will include Historical United States Senate in which state representatives will witness historic events of US history from 1919 to 1924. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, first of two crisis committees, will challenge its participants requiring them to manoeuvre their actions in the face of threats against democracy and peace. Futuristic Shanghai Cooperation Organization will take place in the year 2023 as the other crisis committee of the conference, reflecting the regional and global changes that are projected to happen in a span of five years. As part of a specialized committee, delegates of Group of Twenty will be discussing pressing issues concerning international financial stability. Finally, Permanent Court of International Justice will be hosted as a historical court enabling its Judges to hear cases taking place in times when most norms of international law were yet to be developed.

On behalf of the members of the Academic and Organisation Teams of MUNTR 2018 whose work has been proven to be perseverant and meticulous, I welcome you to our conference and hope to meet you all in Antalya.

Abdullah İkbal Arslanbaş
Secretary-General of MUNTR 2018