⁠⁠⁠Dear MUN enthusiasts,
Model United Nations Association (MUNA) holds the vital objective of providing training and guidance for inexperienced MUNers in their early careers and help others carry their knowledge and vision one step further. This side of our practice renders our mission even more venerable. With these motivations, after years of experience in Model UN simulations in Turkey, MUNA presents the one of a kind, first time simulation of the All-Star MUN Conference which will take place in October 17th, in Litai Hotel, Ankara. All-Star MUN will be comprised of past MUNers, vowels of their times, who have taken pain within previous conferences organized by MUNA, on the purpose of reviving the legacies. Conference will be simulating an up to date United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on a crisis based set up.

All-Star MUN has come to an end with great success! Stay tuned for fun and informative videos of the event.

allstar copy

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