Model Unıted Natıons Assocıatıon

Dear fellow members of Turkish MUN society and fellow MUNers,

It has been a great honour to be elected as the president of the executive board

of Model United Nations Association (MUNA), which has achieved so much since

its establishment. MUNA annually hosts two conferences in Turkey, namely

EuroAsia MUN Training and Development Conference, Model United Nations

Turkey Conference and for the first time last year MUNAll-Star Conference. 8

years since its establishment, MUNA has been the leading platform for MUN

conferences around Turkey with the conferences it has organized and services it

has provided. MUNA has always welcomed new MUN conferences and

encouraged MUN conferences in a way such as organizational assistance by

granting them affiliations. Another objective of MUNA is the MUN education for

promoting the development of Model United Nations. This is achieved by

providing education to MUN societies in various high schools and universities.

With these aims and objectives, MUNA is proud to celebrate its 8th year and we

are looking forward to having you as a honourable member of our Association

and of course your participation in our projects. This welcoming community

awaits your presence and with your presence, we would succeed attaining our


Best Regards

Batuhan Ecin

President of the Executive Board of Model United Nations Association

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