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Internatıonal Labour Organızatıon

Mirada Del Mar ● March 5-9 ● #artofdiplomacy


International Labour Organization (ILO) was established in order to promote international and lasting peace through social justice as the first specialized agency that was incorporated into the United Nations in 1946. Within its three main bodies as International Labour Conference, Governing Body, and the International Labour Office, ILO accomplishes its works through comprises of the representatives of governments, employers, and workers. Each of the 183 Member States has the right to send a delegation to the International Labour Conference representing government, workers, and employers each of whom having the right to express themselves freely and vote independently jointly shaping the policies and programmes of the Organization. ILO primarily aims to set international labour standards, promote rights at work, support decent employment opportunities, and enrich social protection through strengthening of dialogue on issues of work. It also focuses on providing equal opportunities for both women and men for obtaining decent work concerning freedom, security, equity, and human dignity.

International Labour Organization is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General: Nihan Üçer (

Agenda Items:

1. Achieving fair globalization through productive employment and decent work
2. Strengthening measures to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour.

Committee Director: Onat Yarkın Dikkatli (
Committee Director: Ceren Hapoğlu (

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