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General Assembly Thırd Commıttee

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United Nations General Assembly Third Committee:
Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) is the third committee of the UN General Assembly and covers a wide range of pressing issues from the human rights violations in conflict zones and life standards of refugees to the cases of human trafficking and racial discrimination. It also deals with matters aimed to improve social and cultural spheres of life, such as enhancing women’s position in society, preserving cultural practices of indigenous people and prioritizing education for youth all over the world. The committee gathers annually with the agenda decided at least seven months prior to the meeting.

Under-Secretary-General: Ali Demir:

Committee Director: Egemen Büyükkaya:
Committee Director: İnci Çetin:
Committee Rapporteur: Selen Erdoğan:

Agenda Item: Tackling Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

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