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General Assembly Thırd Commıttee: Socıal, Humanıtarıan and Cultural

6-10 March 2017 ● Side Star Elegance Hotel ● #MUNTR2017

Nova Iorque - EUA, 21/09/2011. Presidenta Dilma Rousseff durante abertura do Debate Geral da LXVI Assembleia-Geral das Nações Unidas. Foto: Roberto Stuckert Filho/PR.


The General Assembly is the most inclusive and democratic body within the six pillar structure of the United Nations. Allowing equal vote and participation to every single member state, the General Assembly produces resolutions which are highly influential in the political arena although they are legally non-binding.
The Third Committee of the General Assembly, Social Humanitarian and Cultural, also known as SOCHUM, discusses a wide range of topics effecting people in every corner the world such as human rights, protection of children and women, fighting racism and discrimination, right to self-determination and the fundamental freedoms. These topics are considered to be more vital now than ever due to the increased level of extremism and marginalization around the world, thus the Third Committee is at the centre of the core goals of the United Nations, as it was stated in the 70th Anniversary  Declaration: “…reaffirm our faith in the inherent dignity of the human person and in the equal rights of women and men, as well as our commitment to promoting, protecting and ensuring all human rights for all without distinction of any kind, and recognize those rights as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace.”.
General Assembly Third Committee is suitable for experienced delegates. For inquiries, participants can contact the responsible Under-Secretary-General Ms. Sude Elverdi via

Agenda Item I: Prevention and Elimination of Corruption
Agenda Item II: Providing Universal Health Coverage


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