Model United Nations Turkey


Frequently Asked Questions

Model United Nations Association a.k.a MUNA is an Association with members all from universities all over the Turkey. MUNA is also responsible for two conferences namely EuroAsia MUN Training and Development Conference and Model United Nations Turkey Conference.
You can apply for both however if you are an inexperienced delegate we strongly encourage you to apply to EuroAsia MUN 2017 Training and Development Conference which will celebrate its 12th year. Since it is more tailored for inexperienced delegates and delegations with various workshops and key note speeches. For experienced delegates and delegations, you can apply to Model United Nations Turkey 2018 Conference which will celebrate its 14th year with delegates both from Turkey and abroad as well. We encourage you to apply both of these conferences for a great MUN experience thanks to our academic and organization teams.
For the list of committees of EuroAsia MUN 2017 and MUNTR 2018 please check the tabs above. You can get prepared by reading our study guides documented by our excellent academic team members as well as the suggested readings, which can be found in study guides.
Of course not. You can still apply as committee director, press members and as an administrative staff member. However, please note that application review process is quite different for each position.