Model United Nations Turkey

Payment Detaıls

Litai Hotel & TED University ● November 24-27, 2017 #sowisesoyoung

Please note that the applications will be closed on November 8.

Conference fee is specified as 230 Turkish Liras (per delegate/observer), including the participation fee, all conference materials, all coffee-breaks, four-days-lunch, transportation to and from the recommended accommodation venue and to the social events (Please contact the Directorate of Logistics during conference, concerning the transportation arrangements), and the certificate of participation authenticated by the Model United Nations Association of Turkey.

Committee Directors and Press Members pay a reduced fee as a result of their heavier workload. They pay a fee of 200 Turkish Liras. 

Administrative Staff are not expected to make any payment.

The details for the payment procedure are provided below. Please be aware that applicants will not receive their committee/country allocations until they complete the payment procedure.

Do not forget to pay your conference fee through taking use of the details stated below, after receiving your acceptance letter in which the necessary steps as well as payment-wise requirements are set forth.

Currency Code: TRY
Türkiye İş Bankası
Köroğlu Branch
Account Name: Model Birleşmiş Milletler İktisadi İşletmesi
Account Number: 4234 424464
IBAN: TR61 0006 4000 0014 2340 4244 64

While making the payment, please do not forget to add your name as an individual or a delegation leader or the person that filled the delegation application form, name of your institution if you are applying as a delegation, and the word “EUROASIA” onto the bank receipt. ie: “Full Name, Institution Name, EUROASIA”

Please note that applications are not refundable. Do not pay the conference fee unless the application is approved with an acceptance letter.