Model United Nations Turkey

Welcome Letter From the Secretary-General

Litai Hotel & TED University ● November 24-27, 2017 #sowisesoyoung

Dear participants,

It is a great privilege and honour to add my voice to others’ in welcoming you as the Secretary General of EuroAsia MUN Training and Development Conference.  It also gives me great pleasure to utter the words “Madam Secretary-General”.

In order to carry on the legacy of the first training conference of Turkey, we kept our heads above the clouds, but stood with our feet on the ground. We had high ideals, but stayed practical. Our ideals were in the United Nations Charter; justice, peace, human rights, and tolerance.

EuroAsia MUN Training and Development Conference was and still is a great training ground. You will have to represent national agendas or stands that you may personally disagree with. I hope this conference will train you to be flexible and open-minded. Such qualifications have never been more important, as we struggle with challenges ranging from social injustice to human rights violations, from poverty to terrorism. The major threats we face have two things in common: all of them are international, and none of them can be solved by any one country.

There are 1.8 billion young people with hopes and dreams in our world.
That is the largest-ever generation of youth in history – and we are part of it. This year, to give the youth a chance to speak on the most fundamental concerns of the international agenda, we will be simulating committees of General Assembly of the United Nations, GA-I DISEC and GA-III SOCHUM.
The participants in the SOCHUM will be engaged in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen with nearly 18.8 million people being in need of humanitarian assistance. Meanwhile, the delegates of DISEC will deal with different approaches to counter terrorism by trying to combine different strategies.

In Euroasia MUN 2017, besides these main organs, to encompass the whole United Nations family, three committees will be discussing the problematic issues all over the world that needs immediate presentation and resolutions like eradication of poverty and hunger, prevention of social exclusion at labour market, and intersectionality discussion on women and global women’s movement, in the regarding committees of G77, Commission for Social Development and UN Women.

They say, “Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to come up with a crisis plan”. To give the participants a full taste of the complexity of international relations, the intricacies of negotiations among diverse peoples and perspectives, we will hold two crisis committees namely UN Security Council and Organization of American States.

For the very first time in Euroasia MUN Conference we will have the opportunity to hold a court simulation for the law students. In the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, ICJ, the law enthusiasts will tackle the principles of customary law like immunity and principle of sovereign equality in the Arrest Warrant of 11 April 2000 (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Belgium) case.

Last but not least, in this training and development conference the delegates will experience a committee which is not in the United Nations system, however having very similar agendas. Being a voluntary association of 52 sovereign states, the Commonwealth of Nations will hold a discussion about the reform of Commonwealth.

In order to pay my debt of gratitude, I would like to thank to the Academic Team for being more than dedicated to make this conference flawless and to the Organization Team led by Director-General Mr. Emre Yaldız for being highly committed to reach our dreams; last but not the least Mr. Abdullah İkbal Arslanbaş, nothing would be the same without him, I am grateful for his desire to be perfect.  We are inviting you to witness the great work of our team and looking forward to welcoming you in Ankara!

Secretary-General of EuroAsia MUN 2017

Banu Eylül YALÇIN