Model United Nations Turkey

Welcome Letter From the Secretary-General

2-5 December 2016 ● Ankara ● #UnitedbyLegacy

Dear Guests, Faculty Advisors and Aspiring Delegates,

It is my greatest honor to welcome you as the Secretary-General of EuroAsia MUN Training and Development Conference 2016. 2016 has been a year in which the changes on the notion of world as we know it appeared in an unignorably way then it ever has. Borders of nations became blurred with millions who had to flee their homeland and merged into another completely foreign culture and people of the planet melted into one bowl probably more than ever. With two major voting in two different continents, one has already taken place with unpredictable consequences and one will in following months, will of people has never been this important for the entire planet. Picture of a little boy crying in an ambulance shook and reminded billions a fact, the most of us tend to forget; the thousands of lives lost in countless conflicted regions; the millions of lives lost in countless conflicted regions.

Being the very first training conference in Turkey, EuroAsia MUN has always been the conference where hundreds of MUNers from different academic levels, meet the Model United Nations World for the first time, since its very first session. We believe to achieve the desired supremacy and professionalism; we should start from the most basic where the core of the issues lay and answers are usually hidden. In this context, considering the abovementioned busy agenda regarding the most basic values of humanity and the cruel truth that we did not get any closer to achieve them in last couple of decades; we wanted to give our dear participants, mostly new comers who will play a determinative role in future of politics, the chance to experience the most traditional and probably the most important committees of our eleven-year simulation history. I truly hope, this structure will be beneficial to all and provide you the basis to welcome the spectacular special committees of MUNTR 2017 in short term and the responsibilities you will undertake as the future leaders of our world. Following the word of Mr. Ban-Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, our biggest wish is to give you the opportunity to go beyond your countries, your national borders and most importantly, yourself.

In order to pay my debt of gratitude, I would like to thank the amazing people who are behind this year’s elegant session; firstly, the academic geniuses I have the honor to be the one who lead them, Secretariat of EuroAsia MUN 2016 and the brilliant Organization Team of EuroAsia MUN 2016 who are making everything we dreamt, come true, under the leadership of my dear Director-General, Mr. Batuhan Ecin; last but not the least Mr. Deniz Özkuş, who has fingerprints of everything you will see with his endless and priceless support. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ankara in this December.

Secretary-General of EuroAsia MUN 2016

  Saide Esra AKDOĞAN