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Commonwealth of Natıons

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6. Commonwealth

Commonwealth of Nations

Dating back to 1949, Commonwealth of Nations consists of 52 countries that have been previously under the rule of the British Empire. It aims to create solidarity among the member states and strengthen their unity against global challenges in the light of their cherished diversity and shared values. The head of Commonwealth is Queen Elizabeth in a symbolic role with the heads of government meeting biannually to make decisions and take necessary actions regarding the future of the organization. There have been new countries accepted to the Union such as Mozambique that has not been a part of the British territories in the past. 

Under-Secretary-General: Ali Demir:

Committee Director: Alp Aral Baykal:
Committee Director: Yiğit Yeniyetişme:

Agenda Item: Reform of Commonwealth with a Special Emphasis on the Report of the Eminent Persons Group

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