Model United Nations Turkey


Mirada Del Mar ● March 5-9 ● #MUNTR2018

Please be aware that the Supervisors/Chaperons/Observers/Head Delegates of the participants who arrive with a Delegation will be the ONLY ones who will be checking in the Hotel for the rest of the Delegation. Bearing this in mind, please hand-in your Identification Cards to your Supervisors/Chaperons/Observers/Head Delegates for the check-in BEFORE you arrive at the Hotel. The individual participants will be checking in themselves. Any delegates not meeting the age requirements for the conference; 14-25 years of age, will not be allowed to check in and will be prevented from participating in the conference.

There will be a designated spot for the participants to place their luggage while they or the Supervisors/Chaperons/Observers/Head Delegates of their Delegation is checking in or they are registering. Depending on the time, the participants will either be shown to their rooms or be asked to go to the Registration Desks for registration. Please follow the directions around the Hotel or the ones given by the members of MUNTR 2018 Organization Team for the next step of the schedule of the conference.