Model CJ 2017

Model Courts of Justice

Model Courts of Justice is affiliated by Model United Nations Association.

“Ladies and gentlemen,

Sixth annual session of Model Courts of Justice (Model CJ) will be held between 10-12 February, 2017 in Ankara. Model CJ is a conference in which several courts and committees are simulated annually. Being the first conference in Turkey that offers a marvellous opportunity to experience a court simulation prepared by a high level of academic diligence and meritorious organization, the Model CJ delivers its participants exceptional knowledge on the framework of the international law.

You may check out our website for courts and committees of this year and apply now for this tremendous experience! We are looking forward to meeting you.”

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MUNBU 2017

Model United Nations of Bilkent University

MUNBU is affiliated by Model United Nations Association.

MUNBU 2017 will be organized by a group which consists of approximetaly 50 undergraduate students. 

The participants who are motivated, socially active, interested in political issues and succesfully finish the application procedure will be eligable to attend this conference.

Date: 24-27 January 2017
Location: Bilkent University

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NAMUN 2016

Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations

Nesibe Aydın Model United Nations (NAMUN) is affiliated by Model United Nations Association.

“Dear Esteemed Future Participants of NAMUN 2016,

We are glad to mention the 5th annual session of NAMUN 2016 will be held between 20-23 October. It will be held in a luxury and prestigious hotel at the heart of Ankara and also in Nesibe Aydın College. You will feel the amazing atmosphere at the very beginning of your journey at NAMUN 2016 with our experienced and sincere Academic Team and Organization Team. Do not miss the chance to improve your debating and speaking skills, and opportunity to learn about the global issues and using of formal language in our 7 different committees while meeting with people from other schools and cities.”

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